Back Health is Important for Total Wellness

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The spine is one of the most prominent areas of the upper back region of the body, and it works along with the muscles and ligaments to provide adequate support to it. Whole-body movement is regulated by it and is essential for an upright position.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the health of the back muscles and spine to improve the quality of life. Failing to do so can cause a continuous, lingering pain that can hamper almost all body movements. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your back healthy and pain-free at all times.

Ways to maintain your back health

Maintaining back health is an integral part of overall health. Some small tips and tricks that can help in doing so are -

  • Maintain a good sleeping posture - When you lie down to sleep after toiling hard, your body should be completely relaxed. It should support in such a manner that your posture remains comfortable throughout. It is always better to choose a firm or semi-firm mattress instead of a soft one to maintain the sleeping posture. If you tend to lie on your back, keep a pillow beneath the area of your knees to reduce the tension on the lower back. Similarly, side sleepers can place a pillow in between the knees for maximum support.

  • Exercise the back muscles regularly -The back and abdominal muscles are crucial for back health. However, daily activities do not use these muscle groups optimally. Therefore, you should take proactive measures to exercise these muscles specifically to tone and strengthen them. In addition, certain exercises are specific for the back muscles, which you should practice regularly.

  • Wear proper spine-supporting shoes - Your legs are responsible for stabilizing the body and providing a proper foundation for it. Wear good shoes that will align the spine and legs perfectly so that you do not encounter any problems while engaging in daily activities. The heel should fit in it snugly as well. It should prevent the rolling of the feet and ensure that there is no excessive pronation or supination, which can eventually cause problems.

  • Get back massages from time to time - Back massages have several benefits as a whole. It increases the blood flow to the muscles and releases the tension from it along with the ligaments so that the body feels completely relaxed. You can opt for a light-touch massage instead of a vigorous one for best results.

  • Regulate the sitting time - Sitting for a more extended period puts a lot of undue pressure on the lower part of the spinal disc, which is one of the leading causes of back pain. Slouching or leaning forward when looking at the computer screen can cause lumbar pressure as well. Therefore, regulate your sitting time to keep it as minimal as required.

Back problems are becoming increasingly common these days. Therefore, the tips mentioned above must be followed so that the pains and problems are addressed prematurely, and you can maintain back health for longer.

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