Sports Injury and Treatment

The best way to prevent a sports injury is to warm up properly and stretch. Cold muscles are prone to overstretching and tears. Warm muscles are more flexible. They can absorb quick movements, bends, and jerks, making injury less likely.

You’re at risk for sports injuries if you:

  • haven’t been regularly active

  • don’t warm up properly before exercise

  • play contact sports

Different sports injuries produce different symptoms and complications. The most common types of sports injuries include:

  • Sprains. Overstretching or tearing the ligaments, the pieces of tissue that connect two bones to one another in a joint.

  • Strains. Overstretching or tearing muscles or tendons.

  • Knee injuries. Any injury that interferes with how the knee joint moves could be a sports injury.

  • Swollen muscles. Swelling is a natural reaction to an injury.

  • Achilles’ tendon rupture. The Achilles tendon is a thin, powerful tendon at the back of your ankle. During sports, this tendon can break or rupture.

  • Fractures or Dislocations.

  • Rotator cuff injury. Four pieces of muscle work together to form the rotator cuff.


The RICE method is a common treatment regimen for sports injuries. It stands for:

  • rest

  • ice

  • compression

  • elevation

This treatment method is helpful for mild sports injuries. For best results, follow the RICE method within the first 24 to 36 hours after the injury. It can help reduce swelling and prevent additional pain and bruising in the early days after a sports injury.

If your sports injury looks or feels severe, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Seek emergency care if the injured joint shows signs of:

  • severe swelling and pain

  • visible lumps, bumps, or other deformities

  • popping or crunching sounds when you use the joint

  • weakness or inability to put weight on the joint

  • instability

Serious sports injuries can require surgery and physical therapy.

If the injury doesn’t heal within two weeks, contact your doctor for an appointment.

Chiropractors are trained professionals governed by a formal association. When you take your first trip to the chiropractor, take the time to educate yourself of the practice. It is important you feel safe and educated on the benefits and risks before you obtain any treatment.

When you visit us in our clinic in Stoney Creek, we are happy to discuss with you what we do to the point you are making an educated decision.

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