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Manual Adjustments for Back Pain

Chiropractic & Back Care

What is Chiropractic?


The word chiropractic comes from ancient Greek and means; done by hand.


Chiropractors are specialists in manually adjusting the vertebrae of the spine and extremity joints. Adjustment helps relieve pain and restore normal functioning to the spine, joints and supporting structures of the body - so you can enjoy your everyday activities as quickly as possible.


Chiropractors can prescribe therapeutic exercise, provide nutritional counselling and recommend rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.


Chiropractic Help With


What We Do

  • We assess neuro-musculoskeletal conditions in the spine, central nervous system and other joints and muscles.​

  • Our focus is the prevention and treatment of pain and pain management.

  • If required, we provide spinal manipulation and extremity manipulation. These are commonly known as chiropractic adjustments.

  • Soft tissue therapies: myofascial release and trigger point techniques

  • Contemporary medical acupuncture

  • Prescription of rehabilitation / therapeutic exercises and massage therapy



Chiropractors are trained professionals governed by a formal association. When you take your first trip to the chiropractor, take the time to educate yourself of the practice. It is important you feel safe and educated on the benefits and risks before you obtain any treatment.


When you visit us in our clinic in Stoney Creek, we are happy to discuss with you what we do to the point you are making an educated decision.


Learn More: See Dr. Barry McHardy Chiropractor

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