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Brent Ellis, RMT

Massage Therapist


I firmly believe that taking care of one's body will lead to prolonged health as well as a balanced mental wellness. Proper nutrition, exercise and proactive treatment are ideal to living a healthy lifestyle.

The focus for my practice is to be a rehabilitative registered massage therapist (RMT) treating new and old injuries to help my clients get back to moving with little to no pain in their day-to-day lives. Massage can also be a great tool for maintaining mental wellness by managing the physical stresses of the body with a soothing and healing touch.

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8:30 am - final appointment at 7:30 pm


8:30 am - final appointment at 3:30 pm

Growing up in an active family, being involved in soccer, hockey and many high school sports and with a father being on the assembly line at Toyota, I am no stranger to aches, pains and injuries. After breaking my collarbone playing football, I have been left with restrictions in my shoulder that I wished I had known massage would have been able to help, complimenting the physio I was doing. With my training as a massage therapist, I want to work with those that have lingering injuries and help to get back to normal, or as close to as possible.


I graduated from Mohawk College's Massage Therapy program in December 2020 and became an RMT with the College of Massage Therapists (CMTO) in late September of 2021. After starting my practice in October, I joined the Parkway Back & Foot team in March of 2022. During my education, I was lucky enough to work with the Hamilton Ticats and treat the players after their practices as part of our outreach program for clinic hours. I also worked at Staples and applied my knowledge of office ergonomics to help those find the right office chair for their home or work. As I continue to work in my field, I hope to find my niche and add more modalities and knowledge about treatments.


My knowledge in the fitness industry comes from a background of taking several Kinesiology courses when I attended Western University, participating in many sports and just general interest in healthy living. I am currently still playing and refereeing hockey and am a season ticket holder for the Hamilton Ticats. As I build my practice, I hope I can help remove the stigmas of massage therapy and male therapists through respect and education of my clients.

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