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Chiropractic for back pain

Do You Have Lower Back Pain?

Unfortunately, you are not alone.  


Almost 80% of our population will experience some form of back pain throughout their lifetime.


Although causes vary, back pain can take on different forms as well.


Some people deal with constant pain, and others can have pain when the back has been aggravated. Some pain is tightly defined and in one location and at other times, pain can feel tense in a larger region.  


One interesting observation about pain is the source of the pain may stem from another area of your body, or symptoms can travel further if not alleviated.


Regardless if you are experiencing back pain, our clinic offers various forms of both treatment and prevention for your back.

Questions we are asked on Lower Back Pain.


When should I worry about lower back pain?


If your back has been bothering you for more than six weeks, and the pain is severe or not improving, or actually getting worse.


What is the most common cause?


  • Mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries, 

  • Torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament,

  • Intervertebral discs injury, 

  • Compression of nerve roots,

  • Improper movement of the spinal joints. 


Is lower back pain a sign of anything else?


Most lower back pain comes from an injury like muscle sprains or strains from sudden movements or poor body mechanics or when lifting heavy objects. Lower back pain can also be the result of certain diseases.


What is the best way to relieve back pain?


Home remedies for fast back pain relief include:

  1. Exercise.

  2. Use heat and cold.

  3. Stretching.

  4. Pain relief cream.

  5. Arnica.

  6. Switch shoes.

  7. Workstation changes.

  8. Sleep


Parkway Foot & Back Clinic can help you relieve lower back pain without surgery, through chiropractic adjustment,

or acupuncture techniques.

Fix your lower back problems today. 

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