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Why does COVID-19 sometimes cause back pain?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Every so often, when we fall ill with some sickness, our body responds to fight back the harmful organisms not expected within our system. It is our immune system responding to alien bodies that present themselves. For example, one response our body triggers during joint pain in our back is the inflammatory immune response, which tries to ward off the harmful virus.

When the cells of our immune system release specific proteins that help to ward off these harmful invaders, it results in what we usually call muscle aches or muscular pains. And those proteins that the cells release to fight the invasion of harmful pathogens are called interleukins. They are a subsection of a more influential group of cytokines, effectively regarded as cellular messengers and messenger molecules.

What does back pain due to COVID-19 feel like?

Broadly speaking, when we feel these aches and pains after being afflicted by COVID-19, they are, in reality, much different than those aches and pains that we feel after some intense exercise. While those aches and pains from exercising tend to wane off after a few hours, those aches and pains caused by COVID-19 affliction may linger on for days

Having back pain doesn’t automatically mean you have COVID-19.

Most aches and pains in the back are attributed to pain from various injuries or other conditions, which are aggravated multiple times due to incorrect or poor posture, sitting more than locomotion, standing, and other forms of more vigorous activities. Working from home in today's situation during the ongoing pandemic is a major cause of such poor posture or prolonged sitting.

However, consider that such pains and aches may also be caused due to COVID-19, where such pains and aches are also considered symptoms of being afflicted by the virus. Other factors that may be blamed for such aches and pains are osteoporosis, arthritis, sports injury, a bulging disc that may have formed in the spine itself, and also many other forms of injury.

Back Pain Advice

In case the back pain or ache is prolonged for over a few weeks, it is always advisable that you visit your chiropractor and get proper diagnostics performed immediately. However, if the pain or ache becomes severe, it is time for you to get it diagnosed well.

Again, if the pain or ache also entails weight loss that you cannot explain or your limbs are feeling numb and a tad drab, please don't procrastinate. Instead, get a thorough check-up done and have your chiropractor diagnose your condition thoroughly. They will give you a detailed explanation and correct explanation, and then they will advise you of the appropriate medical treatment for it.

If this is your first visit to a chiropractor, take time to educate yourself appropriately on what a chiropractor actually does and how they may help you. It is always advisable that you be well-informed and educated about the benefits and limitations before undergoing any treatment. It is essential that you feel safe.

In our clinic in Stoney Creek, we are happy to discuss with you what we do to the point you are making an educated decision.


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