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How can Parkway Back and Foot Clinic help you?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic is one of the leading Pain Management Clinics in Stoney Creek and the nearby area.

It's an excellent clinic to consult when you have back or foot-related issues. Below we have highlighted some reasons how we can help you in your state of pain and discomfort.

Experienced staff

The best thing about the clinic is its licensed and experienced chiropractor, chiropodist, and alternate treatment specialists. Dr. Barry McHardy, B.P.E, DC, is the Chiropractor and Acupuncture provider at the facility. With two decades of experience, Dr. Barry is a renowned chiropractor in Stoney Creek and nearby areas. He is famous among his patients for his Chiropractic Care techniques, courteous nature, and effective treatment of all kinds of body pains.

At Parkway, our patients are our priority. We work hard to make sure to give you the best treatment possible. Our specialists, with 16 years of experience, have deep knowledge and understanding of various spine-related problems. In addition, we have a well-trained staff who understand and genuinely care about your pain and overall well-being.

Five ways in which Parkway and Foot Clinic can help you:

Diagnose the root cause of minor pains to avoid severe or long-term pain management and discomfort.

Depending on our lifestyle and daily activities, our bodies might experience micro-injuries. These pains and injuries are generally related to our muscles and bones. These injuries are so minute that we might not be able to notice them at once. You might not be able to recognize the symptoms of micro-injuries, but our specialists at Parkway would not only be able to diagnose the problem but would also help in resolving it at the initial stage.

Helping your muscles, bones, and joints to relax

Stress has become such a part of our lives. A great way to relieve stress is through proper relaxing techniques and a good massage. We understand that every patient is different, and we create a personalized treatment plan to help keep their skeleton, nervous, and muscular systems balanced. This further results in relieving stress and elevating your mood.

Helping in improving your body posture

Prolonged sitting, stress, high-heel shoes, pregnancy, misaligned bones, abnormally tight muscles, etc., put a strain on our spine that further affects our body posture. Proper treatment, including chiropractic sessions, exercises, etc., will help improve your body posture and hand and foot coordination.

Optimal body performance

Aside from relieving stress, improving posture, and aligning bones, chiropractic practices can also help improve your flexibility and blood circulation. Improved blood circulation would help transport essential nutrients to all body parts further to reduce the levels of lactic acid and muscle spasms.

Relieving Pain

In many cases, pain relievers turn out to be a temporary solution for ongoing pain. Knowing the root cause and taking proper treatment is crucial to resolve the problem. At Parkway Back and Foot Clinic Stoney Creek, we find the root cause of the pain and create an effective treatment plan. Our specialists help relieve pain permanently without requiring painkillers and other medicines.

We specialize in the following:

Our team is dedicated to understanding your health issues, discussing the treatment, and designing a plan to help in relieving pain and ensuring your optimum health.


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