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Summer is Here. Time to enjoy the water!

Updated: May 24

Exercising in the water is great for joints

Aside from being fun and cooling off, water can provide a fantastic exercise source for our bones and limbs.

Whether in a backyard pool, a nearby lake or beach, or a swimming pool, water play and exercise are good for you.

Benefits of swimming and exercising in water:

  • Water gives you buoyancy, so you float! You have a lower risk of injury by decreasing the impact on your joints when you exercise and swim in the water.

  • You can overheat when you exercise, especially in the summer. Water Your body cools off faster in the water and reduces the risk of overheating. Warm water may help increase blood circulation, which is good for the joints.

  • You're working harder when moving your body through the water instead of the air, and excellent for building strength and endurance.

  • You're getting more resistance if you jog or run in water higher than your waist.

  • The more swimming experience you have, the better your body moves through the water. Keep practicing and enjoying the water at the same time.

  • You don’t have to stop exercising in the water to give your body a rest during a workout. When swimming, you can rest your body by adding a sidestroke or backstroke for a few minutes.

  • You can gradually change your routine without much effort. Increase the time spent swimming continuously and take shorter rest breaks—or replace your breaks with rest strokes.

  • Water exercise is low impact and gentler on your joints. It is also excellent for toning your muscles.

  • Water is also excellent for supporting your back. There is less body weight on your spine or posture when you move your body through water.

You can still use the water if you don't swim. Walking waist-deep in the water will take the pressure off your joints and back and keep you moving.

Talk to Dr. McHardy, our Parkway Back and Foot Clinic chiropractor, to find out what exercise suits you.

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