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Minimize back pain with Recreational Activities

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Chiropractor Care can help relieve back pain and prevent injuries, and being active is also a great way to keep your spine healthy.

Walking for a brisk 10 minutes every day helps improve your health and prevent conditions of the spine and joints. Recreational activities can be added to your daily routine to prevent back pain and reduce stress.

Here are a few suggestions and why you may benefit from them:

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates typically focus on moving the body while focusing on breathing and body awareness. The poses are purposeful and usually work a few areas of the body at once, including the back and leg muscles, to build a stronger foundation for other movements. Also, the poses often focus on balance which can be essential to prevent falls and injuries as we age.

Yoga and Pilates are known to be ‘safe’ for healthy and even injured individuals compared to higher-impact activities that may cause strain to the body. The great thing about Yoga and Pilates is that there are several classes catered to your specific skill and comfort level.

Aqua Fitness

Aqua fitness is a dynamic, low-impact activity that usually involves the entire body in movement, including the abdominals, gluteal, and leg muscles. Since the exercises are in the water, it adds extra resistance to strengthen muscles and minimize the impact on your joints.

Aqua fitness is an effective management tool for those suffering from certain MSK injuries allowing them to keep active. People suffering from lower back pain may particularly benefit from aqua fitness or gently swimming in water.

Tai Chi

This Chinese martial art focuses on meditative, deep breathing combined with the methodical practice of slow movement, enhancing mobility and balance among those who practice the art. Tai Chi is known to have major health benefits – even for those with lower back pain. Tai Chi can improve pain and function while decreasing the likelihood of chronic pain. It is a safe and effective activity for those experiencing long-term back pain symptoms.

Meet with your chiropractor to discuss more options.

Parkway Foot & Back Clinic is a full-service pain management facility.

Dr. Barry McHardy has been providing chiropractic treatment, and Danielle Willis has been providing chiropody treatments in Stoney Creek and Hamilton for many years.

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