This is How Custom Orthotics can Change your Life!

Many individuals don’t quite understand how important and complex our feet are in our overall physical health. Although they are small, each foot consists of 26 bones with hundreds of muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. They support your entire body weight and any issues within your feet can really have a negative impact your overall health. We want to educate you on how important getting custom orthotics are if you need them. Here at Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, we promise that relieving uncomfortable foot pain can change your life.

Custom orthotics are individually made to support problem areas in your feet. Depending on the patient, they can be used to relieve heel and sole pain, compensate for any toe joint deformity, and even create an arch for individuals who have flat feet.

When you are purchasing orthotics, we highly recommend that you go straight for custom fit orthotics rather than the generic one size fits all inserts. Since every foot is different, purchasing the wrong orthotics can worsen your initial pain as opposed even somewhat relieving it.

What makes Custom Orthotics different?

Custom orthotics are styled and shaped precisely for your foot. In doing so, they will support your feet exactly where you need it! When we customize your orthotics, they are shaped to fit the size and contours of your feet. We want to ensure that you get it right the first time to prevent any further foot pain.

What are the benefits of Custom Orthotics?

When you wear custom orthotics, some people have reported feeling results immediately. Whether you get them for arch or heel pain, people have felt instant relief and gone back to normal day to day activities without any severe pain.

Here are some of the most common benefits of custom orthotics:

  • Reduced ankle or leg pain

  • Improved balance

  • Longer walking

  • Being able to stand without pain for longer period of time

  • Reduced lower back and pelvic pain

  • Prevents calluses, corns and bunions

  • Overall improvement in posture

When your feet are properly supported and aligned, you will instantly notice results in your overall physical health!

Custom orthotics can really change your life, here's how!

Orthotics correct misalignments of your bones that begin with your feet. This correction really creates a positive domino effect which improves your posture and stance. The way you stand and walk can have a significant impact on the way your body carries its weight, so this simple fix will relieve common back pain almost instantly. Custom orthotics can also change the way you move your body by absorbing any impact when you walk, run and stand. Your quality of life and day to day tasks will become significantly easier.

If you are experiencing any discomfort in your body movements, we highly recommend you consider talking to a foot specialist. You may not think that your feet are the common cause, but fixing the way your weight is dispersed throughout your feet may be the best relief for your body!