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What is a Custom Orthotics and how can it Change your Life!

Updated: Jan 15

The feet are one of the essential parts of the body that carries you from one place to another. However, constant, nagging foot pain that sometimes extends to the lower back, hips, and knees is a concern for many people.

It is due to some irregularities or abnormalities in the structure of the bones. The ideal solution to alleviate such types of pain is by using custom orthotics.

What exactly is custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are particular inserts that can be placed on your shoes' insole to relieve different types of pain. They are not generic but are tailored to support your feet by adjusting to their contours accurately.

They reduce the pain of the foot joints and take care of any deformity of the toe as well as arch issues. It uses the latest technologies to create something unique and suitable for you. Therefore, it has a vital role in the general upliftment of the quality of life.

What role does Custom Orthotics play in changing your life?

Any kind of lingering foot pain can be a spot of bother and affect a person's daily activities. Custom orthotics can come as a blessing in such situations. It can play a decisive role in changing your life in the following ways -

  • Providing the support that your foot needs at all times - 26 bones and close to 100 muscles support the feet. Since the feet form the foundation, the three anatomical arches are taken care of by custom orthotics. It ensures that your foot has all the support that it needs.

  • Maintaining the balance of the body- Having a high foot arch can be quite a discomfort, especially as maintaining body balance is concerned. In addition, the joints of the body are also stressed by it. Custom orthotics neutralizes the disparity and brings the foot to an anatomically stable position to take care of the problem.

  • Improve the athleticism of a person - As an athlete, custom orthotics can improve your performance and reduce the chances of injury because it not only enhances the strength of the body but also refines the sense of balance and proprioception of the body..

  • Relieving excessive body pain - Irregularities of the foot can result in pain in the whole body, especially in the lower back and hip areas. Custom orthotics can support the base of the foot so that the body's foundation becomes solid and pain is mitigated.

  • Correcting the condition of flat foot - A flat foot can be a significant reason for unequal distribution of stress all around the body. It can cause the body to be misaligned and put a lot of pressure on the body. Custom orthotics can correct this condition and, consequently all the issues associated with it.

Foot and lower back pain can cause a lot of discomfort in general. However, you can use custom orthotics judiciously to take care of these issues and lead a happy, balanced, and pain-free life.

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