Don't Let Back Pain while Working from Home get you down

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Working from home has now made us come across a number of occurrences of back pain, which has become quite common. Even the most common activities can cause back pain, like how you sit or lift something.

What leads to back pain

Extended periods of work in the kitchen or sitting in the wrong chair at your dining table can be harmful to your body and health as a whole. If you try working while slouching on your sofa or lounging in your bed, the chances are that you will be left with a sore back, shoulders, or neck after work.

Back or neck pain can be caused by working for hours on end on your laptop every day. Making a few changes to your workplace is the best way to avoid any such pain in the back or neck.

What you can do to evade back pain

Try to invest in things that will actually help in your well-being and physical fitness. These things should also allow you to maintain good posture while letting you work comfortably for prolonged periods. Among other things, a few very crucial pieces of furniture should be an office chair with the correct height, a comforting footrest, and of course, good desk posture.

Choose your office chair wisely. It cannot be a free-size. Your choice of a chair may create the difference between keeping an ongoing back pain or improving your productivity, comfort, and overall health.

Tips to support your back

Even choosing an ergonomic chair with adjustable height that will actually support your lower back, back pain may still linger. So consider the following tips before exchanging the chair:

Your step count may have plummeted due to working from home. Protecting your spine throughout the day may require stretching and exercising at regular intervals. Set a reminder alarm on your device for this purpose. Low-impact aerobic activity also allows essential blood flow into your tissues. This, in turn, could actually lower your back pain.

Lower back pain is the cause of prolonged slouching forward and sitting. Sit up straight. It helps the joints and bones to stay aligned correctly while preventing muscle fatigue and also supports the ligaments and muscles. A good sitting posture is where the knees are bent at a 90-degree angle, and the feet are level on the floor or a footrest.

What height your computer is placed at is equally important. Your eyes must be focused at the center, and the monitor/display must be raised to a level so that you're your head isn't tilting or bending in any way.

When on your mobile, pinning it between your neck and shoulder while working at your laptop is one primary reason for all the pain, ache, and discomfort that your back, neck, and shoulders may encounter. Either stay away from one device. Or use a pair of good headphones. Another option is to put your mobile on speaker. These are the simplest ways to avoid any stress on your body.

Breathe properly. It will relax your body and the muscles across your lower and mid-back. When you breathe consciously, it will trigger a reaction in your nervous system. This may help in targeting and reducing back pains.

Parkway Foot & Back Clinic can help you relieve lower back pain without surgery, through chiropractic adjustment, or acupuncture techniques.

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