Custom Orthotics, Foot Pain, and Planter Fasciitis

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Stabbing or sudden pain in the bottom of your foot, near the heel, is more the cause created by what we call plantar fasciitis. It may be triggered by prolonged periods of standing or trying to stand up from sitting for a long time, but the worst pain is after you wake up and take the first few steps. After that, you may not feel it much during exercise but it may be aggravated afterwards.


Conservative treatment helps many people suffering from plantar fasciitis, but over a span of several months. Such conventional treatment may include resting, stretching, and even icing the area afflicted with the pain.

In case these conservative means of treatment aren't working toward relieving the pain, even after several months, then do follow these suggestions as well:

Custom Orthotics (Long Term Help). Orthotics has seen many advancements. Plantar fasciitis can be treated with custom orthotics designed to suit activities and the respective footwear for such different activities. Finally, like walking in high heels or golfing, the activity will decide the deterioration and wear and tear that your feet undergo.

Shock Wave Therapy. What happens here is that sound waves are directed to the area of the heel where the pain is more acute. This method actually stimulates healing better. However, such therapy is used mostly only in the case of chronic plantar fasciitis. Also, this treatment method is initiated only in case there has been no relief in the pain after conservative treatments.

Don't ignore pain. It may lead to chronic pain in the heels, which may even affect your otherwise regular activities. And if you change your walking pattern to relieve yourself from the pain due to plantar fasciitis, it may result in developing problems in various other body parts like the feet, hips, knees, or even the back.

At Parkway Foot & Back Clinic we are able to fit your custom orthotics by an accredited professional.

Come in and see our Chiropodist Danielle Willis today and see how we can help with Plantar Fasciitis.

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