Can I crack my back like a Chiropractor?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Cracking one's back is actually the sudden movement that causes the air pockets joints to react with a popping sound. More specifically, it is the synovial fluid that has these air pockets that make the popping sound. Of course, it may feel good to crack your back, but it may also result in some form of injury and further discomfort. Usually, it doesn't resolve the underlying reasons for the discomfort in the first place.

If you frequently suffer from pains or aches in the back or neck, you immediately visit your chiropractor. For others who have less frequent pains and aches in the back and neck, you may get temporary relief by cracking the back.

The stretches listed below are beneficial in easing any mild discomfort or tightness. However, some may even feel the cracking of the back.

Cat and Camel

A very good way to stretch the back is the technique known as 'Cat and Camel', which will also generally help achieve the cracking of the back you are looking to have. Go down on all fours first, to begin with. Keep your hands flat on the floor and in line with your shoulders. And make sure your knees are well-rooted on the floor and in line with your hips. Now gently raise your back into an arch protruding upward. Make sure your head is now tucked between your arms. Hold this posture for a few seconds.

Now do exactly the opposite. Return to your initial state with the spine flat in position as when you had started. Now begin to arch downward with your stomach pushing down toward the floor. Make sure you raise your head and lift it to look toward the ceiling above. Hold this posture for a few seconds. Again, gradually go back to the initials state you had begun with.

Do this whole process at least thrice. More often than not, your back will crack.

Sitting Rotation

The Sitting Rotation method of stretching is a very effective way to cause your back to crack. Start by sitting on the floor supporting your legs stretched out in front of your body. Now cross your leg (left leg over right leg) while placing your left hand behind your body and the palm flat on the floor for support. Twist a bit slowly toward the left side and toward the bend of your left leg.

Now place your right hand on the outer of your left thigh, which is already bent. Now twist your body a little more while looking over your left shoulder. Hold this posture for at least half a minute. Then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the same routine for the right side too.


Before you try the Bridge, stretch a word of caution. It is a more difficult way to stretch. So be careful when attempting this one.

First of all, you must lie on your back with your legs set out straight. Next, bend your legs toward your hips but make sure that your feet are placed flat and firmly on the floor. Now straighten your arms by your side. Next, raise your hips toward the ceiling. Keep raising your hips till your hips, thighs, and torso are aligned. Maintain your body weight on your shoulders and feet. Hold this posture for about half a minute. Then lower your hips to the floor and relax. Repeat this whole routine.

Those who wish to do a more advanced Bridge stretch can do so by placing their hands above their heads with their palms flat on the floor. Then raising the shoulders together with the hips.

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